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This program is designed to help a victim of bullying make new friends and open up. We want to create a safe environment for children and help them connect with similar individuals across the world.

For the victim:

If you opt for this program, we will assign you to a “buddy” who is someone of your age, and has faced some sort of bullying before. He or she will be like a pen pal. You’ll can choose to email each other or talk over Zoom calls about navigating school life, and anything that interests you!

You can be sure that you will be making a lifelong best friend through this program!

Things that we look into while assigning a buddy:

  • The victim and buddy are of the same age and gender

  • Both have faced some sort of bullying before

  • Both of the have a pleasant and polite nature

  • Both are fluent in English

  • Both attend a full-time school

  • Both have common interests and will become great friends!

For the buddy:

To become a buddy, you must:

  • Must be between 8-18 years old

  • Must be attending a full-time school

  • Must be fluent in English

  • Must have faced some sort of bullying before

  • Must have a true passion for compassion

  • Must have a polite, pleasant and friendly nature

If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at

Apply to become a buddy now:


Apply to have a buddy now:


* Note that bullying anyone in this program will not be entertained, and it should be reported immediately. Strict action will be taken immediately if you violate this rule, and bully the other person. *

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