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Krisha Khandelwal

Krisha  Khandelwal

My Story

I vividly remember what it was like when I was being bullied back in 6th grade. My best friends were the ones who bullied me, and ostracized me from their group, and bad mouthed me throughout the grade.

They made it really difficult for me to make new friends, and they would go up to people, and fabricate a story which was enough to convince the others to refrain from talking to me, and exclude me from their group as well. This was so frustrating and scary, and I felt trapped and lonely. I really did not know how to get out of this terrifying situation, and I despised going to school.

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Why I founded Let’s Defeat Bullying

One of the main reasons why I founded Let’s Defeat Bullying is to encourage children to stand up for themselves when they are being bullied, and seek help.

I know what it feels like when you are being bullied- how you dread going to school, how you feel helpless when you are being verbally abused and when you are being pulled down or cornered, and how your anxiety builds up.

I’ve been through it.

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