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Mentoring Program

We have an excellent team of mentors that help children stand up to bullying.

If you need professional help in overcoming bullying, you can apply to be assigned with a mentor. If the bullying matter has escalated, and it has gone beyond your control, we would highly recommend you to opt for this program.

After you are assigned to a mentor, the mentor will have at least 6 structurally planned sessions with you. The outline of each session will be sent your parent before the session takes place.

We believe that there is no one way to defeat bullying. Each situation requires a unique outlook and a lot of attention. We roughly follow a four-pronged approach to deal with any bullying situation which you can learn more about below.

Our first session is always with the parent, followed by one-on-one sessions with the child. All of our sessions are conducted virtually on Zoom. We will provide you with your mentor’s email id as well and he/she can be contacted through email anytime.

Through this mentoring program, we hope to help you overcome and defeat bullying. Our main aim is to help you open up and express the way you feel to an adult, who will help you defeat bullying. You will also be receiving professional help from well-known psychologists as and when required.

Email us at for more information regarding this program.

* Note that we are a non-profit organization and so our session are free of cost. *

Apply to be assigned a mentor!


Apply to be a mentor!

Our Approach



What is Bullying?  Why do people bully and why do some get bullied? We want our children to get a profound understanding of what exactly bullying involves. 


Communication is the key to everything. If we don't communicate with one another, we will never know how the other feels . We want our children to know that they are not alone in anything. We are always with them, through whatever help they need.


It is imperative for a child to be full of confidence and courage. By helping them engage in activities, sports or clubs that interest them, it not only boosts their confidence but also helps them make new friends. .   


We need our children to understand the significance and importance of treating others the way they want to be treated. If a child wants to be treated with kindness and respect, that is how he/she should treat others.

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