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Become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador (

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors team consists of people who have been trained by us to work proactively to support victims of bullying behavior, raise awareness of the detrimental effects of bullying and also to work preventatively to defeat all forms of bullying as and when they see it occurring anywhere. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are active wherever they go- it could be in their school campus or at the mall. Our anti-bullying ambassadors will be well equipped and trained to handle any bullying situation, and their main role is to prevent bullying from occurring wherever to go. Our main aim through this program is to create a safer and kinder community. Additionally, our ambassadors will be required to promote Let’s Defeat Bullying on their social media. It can be through reposting our Instagram posts on their stories, or by promoting any of our upcoming events on their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media handles. All selected ambassadors will be provided with Let’s Defeat Bullying flyers, brochures, virtual merchandise, and tons of resources to help them defeat bullying. 


Our Ambassadors will officially be members of the Let’s Defeat Bullying family! They will attend Zoom meetings, training sessions, discussions, and so much more! All ambassadors will be a part of a server filled with other like-minded anti-bullying ambassadors, and will get to network with and make lifelong friends with likeminded people.  Moreover, after attending a six-week long training session (I session per week), and receiving all of the resources, our ambassadors will also receive a personalized digital certificate which proves that they are official Let’s Defeat Bullying ambassadors, and it will be a great addition to their resume as well! 


In a nutshell, our ambassadors will:


  • Develop leadership, public speaking and communication skills, confidence and self-esteem

  • Officially be a part of Let’s Defeat Bullying- an internationally successful non-profit. 

  • Raise awareness about bullying, and help defeat it. 

  • Help Let’s Defeat Bullying expand globally

  • Make a real contribution and positive impact in their community and inspire other young people to do the same.

  • Network and make lifelong friendships with like-minded peers

  • Help influence their community and world at large

  • Meet other young influencers, activists, and changemakers in the Youth Ambassador network

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