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If- Emily Wang

Dark skies, grey clouds

Translucent blue skies, dreamy clouds

It exists regardless

Just in different forms

If everyone harassed each other

We’d live every day expecting

Words of hate and slander in our faces

Punches and black eyes

Thinking threats and torment are normal behaviour

Afraid of what’s next, afraid to do what we want

If everyone deliberately excluded each other

We’d be self conscious to a dangerous extent

Asking ourselves what’s wrong with me?

I’m trash

If everyone, hid past incognito usernames

commented “you should kill yourself” “You’re ugly”

Virtual respect would be nonexistent

We think that comments are just words of belittlement,

But words hurt, to the soul and gut.

Every day we are torn in fits of doubt and insecurity

We’d be clueless about what digital respect is

If everyone’s first impression was a preconceived cookie cutter

Then there would be no introduction, only a conceived bias

A tiny monster called prejudice waiting to engulf every decision

We’d interact with hostility, potentially forming prejudices too

Attacks and slurs a commonality too

Harmony would cry and leave

To the things I’ve covered

There is more to it which I didn’t discuss,

More fatal effects, stories of victims

But I want you to be informed

Just imagine

what would the blue marble erode into?

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