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When bullying becomes a crime…

Some stereotypical bullying commonly shown in tv series or films can range from the “popular kids” threatening “nerds” or “losers”, by dunking their heads in toilets to purposely tripping them over in a hallway, I.e the execution of “making their lives “hell”. However, if one were to have a standard definition of bullying, it is unwanted, rude behaviour among social groups typically, teenagers. Bullying can range from verbal or social to physical bullying. But, only in some cases can bullying be considered a crime, and never something fun. Bullying is socially ignored in most cases, and those who are bullied rarely report it as most of the time, action is rarely taken against the bully in order to maintain a fine reputation. However the immaturity of bullying could be a crime. A few instances when bullying is crime are stated as follows :

  • Harassing someone especially if the harassment is based on social divisions (gender, race)

  • Making death or other violent threats

  • Making obscene and harassing phone calls and texts

  • Sexting

  • Sextortion which is sexual exploitation

  • Child pornography

  • Stalking someone

These are criminal acts. When bullying is a crime do not hesitate to call the nearby helpline (cops) if you see any of these happening. Bullying is never fun especially if it involves sexual harassment, assault, defaming someone, potentially ruining their life!!

You can go to jail if you bully, so think twice before becoming a bully. There WILL be dire consequences.

In most cases bullies do not get charged for their crime, which is unacceptable and should be punished in a legal manner no matter who it is. Victims of bullying are more likely to commit suicide, self-harm, because bullying can hurt someone profoundly. therefore should not be termed as tongue and cheek fun. All kids should be taught about this at an early age to prevent bullying others, or getting to be the victim and be raised in loving supportive environments .

“No man should be in fear of another’’



Aditi Kulkarni

Hello! I'm Aditi Kulkarni, writer and editor of Let's Defeat Bullying. I'm 15 years old and an aspiring doctor and a novelist.

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