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Looking after your Mental Health during Exams

1. Don’t reach for junk food

Comfort foods like cake, chocolate and burgers are great to boost your energy when you are in need of a sugar rush. Just try not to have these in big amounts every day.

So make sure to stock up on healthy snacks this exam period, and to cook food

which is good for you. With that being said, don’t forget to treat yourself. You’re doing a great job and although healthy food (and lots of water) will help your brain perform at its best, sometimes a sugary treat will give you a much needed motivational boost.

2. Don’t suffer in silence

Confessing how stressed you are or admitting how behind you feel in your revision when all of

your friends seem to have it all together may not be something you want to do. I often find myself feeling better somehow talking about the same worries with my friend as I am able to get all these other thoughts off my chest.

If you find out that they’re struggling as much as you are, at least you’re not alone, which, to be honest, is always somewhat of a relief.

3. Schedule downtime

This one is really important. You won’t feel as rested if you keep thinking that you should study whilst on your break. Schedule downtime and stick to your plan. Depending on how behind you are in your revision you might feel as if you don’t have time for a break but you do need one every now and again. You probably don’t study every awaken hour anyway, start considering the breaks you do take as actual downtime rather than procrastination.

I recommend taking downtime during the hours you try to go to sleep but go on your phone like 2 hours before you go to sleep instead try to have a chat with a family member or do some adult coloring book activities or even watch a movie.

4. Get moving

Doing chores isn’t the only way to be productive whilst on a break. Why don’t you head to the gym, go out on a run, or do some exercises at home? But did you know that when you exercise, you actually strengthen your brain? That means that you will not only get short-term benefits from the release of endorphins, you’ll also get a healthier brain in the long-term. Just remember to do it regularly if you want to reap the long-term benefits. If you’re still hesitant, consider walking. It has the same effects, although weaker.

5. Meditate

Meditating can help you take a break from the high stress and anxiety of the constant revision

and studying. Apps like Calm, which has a special feature of Harry Styles which will help you drift away. To other applications like Headspace, Meditation nest and many More. If you’re certain that meditation is not for you, why not try yoga? It combines mindfulness with exercise and leaves me with a similar feeling of calm. What I do want you to take away from this it to remember to care for yourself. You should always prioritise your well-being over your grades, because your health truly is so much more important.




Umama Afia

Hi, I'm Umama and I love food, films, writing and making people laugh.

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