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An Unsung Biker Club against Bullying

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

According to a 2017 Great Big Story video, part of their human condition series, an unexpected and kind event occurred to a young boy named Phil Mick.

For a long period of time, Phil Mick had been targeted by other students due to his weight and clothing. They were calling him “fatso” and cursed at him simply because he wore “cheap stuff.”

As a result, he had become socially withdrawn and depressed.

His mom had had enough of it. She contacted local motorcyclist enthusiast Brent Warfield, and that’s when change came to sprout. Warfield posted a call on Facebook to invite bikers across the region to escort Phil to his first day of school.

Dawn broke out that day, a number of unlikely angels-more than 50 big-hearted, leather-clad bikers- lined up to show their support and sent Phil off to school, sending an important message to others that their community stood for kindness. Empathy and love is always the answer.

A year later. In 2018,according to an article by Mass Mutual thanks to the support of his biker friends and his blossoming self-confidence, Phil is making friends in his grade and has a different outlook on school. “I love school now,” he said, bearing in mind that his goal is to either be a doctor or vet. “I used to be nervous and shy.”

Since his motorcade escort, Phil has become an advocate for other kids who are being picked on or teased. According to a statement from him, “I just feel that bullying should not be allowed. I go talk to other students when I see that they don’t have friends to sit with at lunch, and I help them in class with work.” Besides now being an advocate, he’s still involved with the local 4-H Club and is part of the science club. He even went with friends last year to his first Valentine’s Day dance.

Warfield said his decision to help Phil was motivated by the desire to help all kids verbally or physically abused by their peers as well as the fact that he feels for the new generation of bullying. From an article of The Independent, he said that “to see and hear the stories of all these families who have lost kids to suicide from bullying is just awful.” Furthermore he continues to organize service projects for needy families in the community. On another note, he and Phil’s family are still in touch.

There are many lessons we can learn, including wise words about bullying and of prejudice. Instead of saying “bullying isn’t cool and you should stop it”, you should show it. One of Phil’s most memorable quotes is: “Many kids think that the bully’s the big guy, but really the big guy is actually you. Finally, love is the answer.

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