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24 hOuR5

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Th3y say stranger danger

{user active now}

eyes devout

3d to this screen,

More than they all0w.


But there is no code for this,

No care n0r conduct,

Just the wri5ts of the ruthless

And the eyes of the helpl8ss

*report inappropriate message*

[your requ3st will take 24 hours]

They are just words on a screen,

Lett3rs from a machine

When you insert enter

Does your mask fina1ly crumble?

Realisati0n that this would end her?

Final moments in yOuR tunnel

{user seen 20 minutes ago}

Traces can always be f0und,

Deep into stranger net

But your word5 stained across her walls,

All due to all3ged flaws

She was just a {user}

A p3rson too.

A person.

When you insert enter,

You are in stranger net

YOuR words are f1nal

It doesn’t take 24 hours,

F0r the moments you were 3mpowered,

Left her devoured.



Umama Afia

Hi, I'm Umama and I love food, films, writing and making people laugh.

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