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Post a Minimum of 3 Articles a Month

  • Articles Topics Include:

    • Profile Pieces

      • Showcase a local Gen-Zer in an article written about them. Cover how they are helping defeat bullying in their community / raising awareness about mental health. ​

    • Activism / Movement Journalism / Reporting

      • Research a local movement occurring in your community and write a piece about their movement and how they are helping defeat bullying / the stigma surrounding mental health

      • Write about a school (could also be one of the schools you’ve partnered with) and talk about their anti-bullying policies.

    • Pop Culture

      • A piece about what is popular in the media at the moment. (Should pertain to mental health awareness /  bullying). Talk about takeaways from bullying or mental health related shows. 

Local Event / Partner with a Local School Every 2 - 3 Months (at least 2 a Year)

  • Partner with a local school and conduct a workshop / event on bullying & mental health. (government schools are recommended) every 2-3 months (at least 2 every year)

Encouraged But Not Required: Post 2 Art/Poetry Pieces a Month

  • Take in Art/Poetry submissions and post them alongside articles. 

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