Meet the multi-talented and hardworking group of students at Let's Defeat Bullying. Learn more about each of them and their hobbies, accomplishments, interests, and stories!

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Ariba Khan

Interviewer, Podcast, Graphic Designer
Hey, I'm Ariba, and I'm currently a high school junior. My passion lies in social impact and entrepreneurship. I've been working for an organization on women's rights and laws. Other than this, I'm a sportsperson and have been playing badminton since childhood!
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Sahaana Vijay

Sahaana Vijay is a high school student based in Bangalore (India), and is an amateur writer and an aspiring physicist in the fields of astrophysics and quantum gravity. Being a STEM enthusiast, Sahaana founded the international student-led organisation - STEM 4 Everyone in 2020. Sahaana is also a young researcher as a part of the Junior Academy at the New York Academy of Sciences. Apart from STEM and writing, Sahaana loves to read, solve puzzles, learn new languages, play the Veena, and travel.
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Deevanshi Bhomia

Editing my life through while having fictional characters to hold my life together! Reader and a listener. Bisexual. And treating people with kindness as I move :)
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Vidhi Patel

Hello there! I'm Vidhi. I am 18 and an extreme dog lover, and being an avid reader, I love discovering new stories. I like to collect quotes & sayings and strongly believe in the saying "Be your own kind of beautiful". ^_^
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Gia Sareen

Writer, Editor
Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a passion for reading books. Now that I'm older, the idea of creating my own stories appeals to me more. When I’m not engrossed in reading or frantically writing like a maniac, I can be found watching chick-flicks and old, sappy movies or singing my favorite songs at deafening volumes.